Though we don’t always recognize it, our lives are affected every day by the technologies involved in temperature control, refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Refrigeration gives us a greater variety of foods to choose from. Improved ventilation systems make our environments healthier and without air conditioning, some of our largest cities would have never grown.

Plus many of the industries and services that affect our everyday lives require special environmental conditions that only engineered systems can provide.

So our business isn’t just building and installing refrigeration and air conditioning. What we’re really doing is creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments. And we do this every day.

Every project we take on is unique, every installation is quite unlike others. Each job has different problems to overcome, different deadlines to meet, and different budgets to meet at the same time.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a supermarket or shopping mall, a hospital, a home, a luxury hotel or a school building in far north Queensland, the principles are the same.

We provide heating, cooling and ventilation for many different organizations involved in a wide range of industries from convenience stores to large commercial factories.

For a complete client list and references call our sales department.

In the meantime you can call us at any time. We will happily answer any questions or provide advice where we can.